Facilities & Services

At BT Ngebs City, we strive to offer our customers with a wide variety of services and facilities that are aimed at catering for all of our shoppers needs shoppers to enhance their shopping experience. These services include an information desk; store directory; Unlimited Wi-Fi; wheel chair service; male and female disabled toilet facilities, as well as baby changing and feeding rooms.


Shoppers who are seeking store information, directions to and around the center or any local area information can visit or call the information desk. The information desk is located near the food court.

Monday to Saturday:

09h00 - 18h00

Sunday and Public Holidays:

09h00 - 16h00

General shopping centre signage can be found throughout the center.


For our shoppers who are unable to park in designated shoppers parking and are in use of a wheelchair, there are allocated disabled parking bays where disabled shoppers are allowed to park. These bays are set in close proximity at every entrance to the mall. Ramps are allocated at each entrance to the mall, enhancing easy access for our disabled shoppers.


The baby change room has areas to change, feed and rest your baby. These are situated in every toilet facility within the mall.

A family toilet facility is conveniently situated next to the baby change room.

All toilet facilities in the center include parent and child toilet, baby changing rooms and disabled toilets for males and females.